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Tormenting sadness is not of God. Too often people allow sorrow to become a lasting condition of their lives. Years have passed and yet precious people carry lingering suffering from events they experienced. The Lord desires closure, healing and happiness for us. The premise of this book brings a new understanding to what is commonly referred to as grief. 

Grief in this instance is described as: when the power of Satan seems greater than the power of God. You will find that grieving (which is needful in order to bring healing and closure) is different than grief. Furthermore, Satan uses grief to instigate anger at God, at others and even to oneself. The purpose of this strategy of the enemy is to hinder, alter or halt the anointing in the lives of believers. Because the anointing destroys the enemy’s yoke and takes away his grievous burdens, the enemy wants to keep the importance and power of the anointing from being active on our lives. 

As the first book in The Battle Over the Anointing Series, you will find out How to Keep Grief from Stealing Your Destiny. You are valuable to the work of the kingdom of heaven. It should not be a surprise us to learn the enemy uses trauma, death and loss to instill a separation from God and from loved ones so that we are ill prepared to stand against his harassing taunts and destructive intent. 

Find out tactics used by Satan’s dark kingdom and ways to remove his influence from our souls. The Lord desires great joy for us because there is strength in the joy of the Lord. If sorrow and sadness have hindered you from stepping forward to trust God in the unfolding plan of your life, take heart. You are anointed for victory. See what the Lord has for you to be able to overcome and find a new place of restoration. Grab hold of your destiny in God!


Identifying the Hierarchy of Satan

Wise military minds are skillful in determining the strengths and weaknesses of their opponent. So it is with the confrontation between the kingdoms of light and darkness. However, you don’t have to be a super warrior or have spiritual muscle to comprehend this book. Identifying The Heirarchy of Satan reveals the segments of Satan’s kingdom, and gives insight into how they operate. When the organization of Satan’s army is understood, then those who confront the enemy will be better equipped to overcome.

Knowing who in Satan’s kingdom you wrestle against, and their separate areas of expertise, will help you know how to pray effectively. Reading these pages will give you understanding of how Satan and his cohorts attempt to hide their operational tactics and strategies. You will more accurately discern your enemy and become more skillful as you grow as a solder of the Lord Jesus Christ and a warrior in His kingdom.