Thank you for visiting the Blog of Water of Life Unlimited.  I hope this will be an informative and even upbeat experience about the adventures of walking out our lives in the Lord, especially as it relates to spiritual warfare.  Now when I say spiritual warfare, I have had people get this glazed look on their face indicating they are not sure how much information they want to partake of.  Some have said they are frightened of the whole thought of battling spiritual forces.  Several people felt the more they learned the more vulnerable they were to assault from the spirit realm.  I don’t know where the thinking comes from that says if you don’t have weapons, you won’t get attacked.  Well, actually, I do know where that thinking comes from and it has kept a lot of people from even trying to stop satan from buffeting them and their families.  They pray, asking God to stop the enemy’s assaults.  The Lord is merciful and many times He intervenes.  However, we have been given authority to act as representatives of Jesus Christ and to continue His ministry in the earth.  He said those that followed Him would bring healing, deliverance and the message of salvation to a hurting world.  In Mark 16, Jesus said He gave us power in His Name to cast out devils, to pray for the sick and see them recover, to speak with new tongues and to see signs and wonders follow us.

I want to encourage those who have been fearful to learn about – much less participate in – knowing how wonderfully equipped believers in Jesus Christ are to overcome the works of our enemy, satan.  Over the years in dealing with people, I find over and over again the more people learn about the spiritual weaponry they have and recognize the way the enemy has worked, the more faith and confidence they have to challenge what the adversary is doing.

So I want to encourage you that the Lord is about the business of equipping us for the times we are in.  We have some wonderful promises as the Body of Christ steps into the destiny for this day.  Are you ready for a download from heaven?  The Lord has many individuals who are avenues of bringing what He is ready to release.  I am looking for all He wants to pour out.  How about you?

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