I have found that Identifying the Hierarchy is a rich source of teaching on spiritual warfare. It can be referenced again and again as you learn the tactics that you are dealing with or as your situations change.  A useful tool for every Christian from an everyday person who prays through a seasoned intercessor. Bobbi, CO

As editor of an e-zine for women in ministry, I read and review A LOT of books.  Joy Schneider’s Identifying the Hierarchy of Satan is a down-to-earth book on the subject of the heavenlies.  Joy pulls together scripture that explains concepts that hitherto have been a mystery to me.  It is not a book you can read light, but one requiring thought, prayer, and prompts further study.  Of the stacks of books I routinely read, review and give away, this one will remain in my permanent library.  I’ve bought and given away several copies all ready. Rebekah, IL

I learned so much from reading this book. Spiritual warfare is more than telling demons where to go! There is an organized spiritual hierarchy to be aware of and to address, using the authority that we have in Christ. I feel much less naïve after reading this book and more confident to use my God-given authority. Diana, CO

In reading the handbook for wrestling by Joy Schneider, you will come away equipped for the days ahead that will require the Body of Christ to know the deceptions of the enemy. Stephen, CO  

One testimonial that comes to mind right away for me is familiar spirits!  I use that prayer all the time!!  Lord. please make my familiar spirits unfamiliar. I have also taught others to pray this as well.  In ministry or personally, we get freedom from the Lord but often are triggered after the freedom only to realize the freedom didn’t go anywhere, it’s a familiar place that Satan is trying to win us back. This is valuable because you can fall into old patterns if you do not recognize how to deal with getting rid of them. Simple and a must to maintain our freedom. Thanks! Margie, CO