Welcome to Water of Life Unlimited

Have you ever been thirsty? So thirsty, you were uncomfortable, even downright miserable? It is said you can live for months without food but less than a week without water. Water is important and is vital for life. When I fail to give water to my garden or to the flowers in my yard, it isn’t long before they give an unspoken plea. They wilt and sag and their pitiful leaves cry for moisture. They don’t need me to prop them up with sticks and wire, they need water. Water will bring the strength and revitalization needed for them to rise to the stature and fruitfulness they were created to produce.

Our desire is to help you learn of Him so you can enjoy the destiny you were created to celebrate.  Many times we must engage in spiritual warfare in order to overcome the strategies and tactics of Satan. 

We have tools to help you overcome and walk in victory!   Meet Joy…